Save 7 hours of work, every week

How much money is 7 hours of your time worth?

Systems Check

What would it mean for your business if you could use systems to automate or delegate 7 hours of admin work from your week?

It would be a game changer. But this isn’t a pipedream…’s a near-term reality if you know the right systems for your business.

I typically coach clients on systematizing their business for $2000/month, but a lot of small businesses aren’t ready for that kind of investment.

The Systems Check takes the most powerful parts of the systems + automation work I do with ALL of my clients. It set up the blueprint to get out of the weed and the growth you want.

Think of it as the 80/20 version of the work I do with my normal clients.

The solution to getting it done?

Sitting down with me and making it happen.

  • 15 minutes of filling out our proprietary systems check sheet
    - We have done this with 100’s of clients, it’s created specifically to be a low investment in time for you!
  • 1 hour of a virtual meeting with one of our ScaleTime specialists
  • An action plan sent to you so you can get started to implement #freedom
  • If it was easy to get this done, it would have already happened #realtalk.

There are certain things you do over and over - sales, client onboarding, account management, hiring, etc. - that could easily be systematized and delegated. All you need to do is figure out the systems so that you can train someone else to do it and get that work off your plate.

  • Save an average of 7 hours a week on admin work - one of our clients saved 20 hours! - #hellYeah
  • Get an A-Z review of the systems in your business to identify opportunities to delegate and automate, saving you time and $
  • Receive systems recommendations tailored to your business, with advice on how to use them (we’ve researched 100s of different systems so you don’t have to)
  • Create a list of process documents that allow you to effectively clone yourself, freeing up time so you can focus on important stuff
I’ve got plenty of systems, why is auditing them so important?

Well, where does your system break? Have you stress - tested your systems?

  • You have 100 leads come in - How do you prioritize?
  • You have 100 clients onboard next week - How do you service?
  • You go on vacation for 2 weeks unplugged -
    Will your clients still be happy?
  • You have a buyer for the business -
    Will you get full value or be stuck managing?
Eliminate some of your biggest challenges with

Unreasonable client requests

Unnecessary team questions

Unproductive hand holding


One time payment of $497

I can’t wait to help you run your business like a well oiled machine so you can focus and enjoy growing it. Look forward to talking again.

One of our clients recently purchased the Systems Check and had told us the following:

ScaleTime's Systems Check became the sturdy scaffolding for our growing business. ScaleTime helped us avoid trying to build "The Perfect System", and instead showed us exactly how to construct a workable system, one that can work WITHOUT me, the owner. Tangibly, ScaleTime's Systems Check reduced my weekly admin and client tasks by 20 hours!

Dan Englander, Sales Schema

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